delivers consistent compendial quality water at point of use, with minimal degradation.
    Features vertical design with dished ends, Jacketed and insulated with electropolished internal surface.
    Sourced from global leaders delivering consistent and accurate monitoring and control of the water quality.

Quality at Point of use - Delivered!

When you need to maintain water quality that is produced by the Purified Water Generation system with minimal degradation, you can trust Spaceage Storage and Distribution system design.

Storage Tank Assembly

When it comes to Storage Tank design, our engineers excel. Years of experience over many projects have given us a huge insight to design system of any complexity with ease. Well engineered Storage tank be it ASME or ASME-BPE with varied configurations like Jacketed and insulated or limpet coil design, we have designed all of them.

We ensure sufficient sizing based on the peak load requirement and efficient sizing based on the water turn over. High quality AISI 316L material, electropolished to a surface finish around 0.4µ Ra ensures smooth surface that prevents build up of bio-film. The jacketing and insulation ensures quick heat up while retaining the heat for longer period of time saving heating cost.

  • ASME / ASME-BPE design

    Design and engineered to international standards

  • 360o Spray ball

    Efficient water driven full coverage 360o spray ball

  • Maintain tank turnover

    Designed to maintain the minimum tank turnover

  • Torispherical dished ends

    100% drain-ability with torispherical dished end

  • Stainless Steel AISI 316L

    Manufactured with high quality SS316L

  • High surface finish

    Surface finish as per Quality plan around 0.4µ Ra

  • Jacketed and insulated

    Well designed jacketing and quality insulation

  • High Safety

    Design for atmospheric or full vacuum

Distribution, disinfection and monitoring system

Pumping cost forms the major chunk of distribution system costs as it runs 24 x 7. This is where experience designers excel themselves. Sizing the pump correctly ensure lower power consumption as well as not starving the user who needs water. Sanitary centrifugal pumps with 100% case draining is very important consideration.

Maintaining a bacteriostatic condition is achieved with UV disinfection while monitoring its intensity, maintaining velocity to ensure high Reynolds number for high turbulence is very critical.

Monitoring critical parameters like Flow (Velocity), Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, UV intensity and TOC is mandatory.

  • Standby Pump

    Standby pump with quick change over is provided

  • Reliable instruments

    Instruments from reputed manufacturers

  • Turbulent Flow

    Flow velocity < 1.5 mtrs/sec to ensure turbulent flow

  • Monitor parameters

    Temperature, Velocity, TOC, Conductivity, Pressure etc.

  • Reliable UV System

    Highly reliable UV system with intensity monitoring

  • High surface finish

    All contact parts made with with SS316L with high finish

  • Sanitary Pumps

    Sanitary centrifugal pumps with case draining

  • Compact, Skid mounted

    Optimum floor space utilization & easy service

Control System(PLC / SCADA)

The brain behind the Purified Water System is the control panel. A large touch screen HMI with a very easy to understand and operate GUI ensures ease of operation. Software designed to comply with CFR21, Part 11, GAMP 5 specifications. Many of our customers also choose our option of SCADA controls or Control from anywhere with your mobile device using our cloud control software. The system can deliver high quality performance outputs with nicely formatted trend graphs, current status dashboard or dig deep into required data points as required. The system also features safety alarms, auto cut-offs, auto dumping of Out-Of-Spec water and multi level access security.

  • CFR & GAMP compliance

    Software compliant with CFR 21, part 11 and GAMP 5

  • Admin / User controls

    Controlled access with admin hierarchy

  • Large touch screen HMI

    Easy to operate GUI with P&ID and dashboard

  • Ease of validation

    Easy to validate during IQ as well as after an upgrade

  • Graphs and Trends

    Well formatted graphs showing trends

  • Quality Control Panel

    Pre-wired / configured, SS316L Plug and Play panel

  • DCS / SCADA Option

    Option to connect to DCS / SCADA software

  • Built in Safety

    Emergency stop, safety interlocks and alarms

Our Customers

We wouldn't be able to prove our capability if not for our valued customers opportunity. We are so thankful!