• System designed and engineered to
    With fully automated cleaning cycles our CIP systems enable faster cleaning times, shorter downtime, higher repeatability.
  • Integrates critical features like
    ensures efficient & Validated Cleaning for each cleaning cycle. All critical paramters can be monitored and recorded.
  • The CIP System features
    System is custom designed to your specific requirements enabling you to quickly run the cleaning cycle in the fewest clicks.

Fully automated, Custom designed CIP Systems

Spaceage CIP systems are designed to be highly efficient and intuitive. Our CIP plants have faster cleaning times, shorter downtime, higher repeatability!

CIP System

Our CIP systems are designed for higher efficiency and intuitiveness. The cleaning cycles can be fully automated. Our CIP systems enable you to achieve reduced cleaning times with higher repeatability. The also enable you to track and record cleaning parameters, and lower utility usage. Our CIP system is designed and engineered for consistency and repeatability. With features like data tracking and recording that enable you to easily validate the cleaning process you can be rest assured, we have got you covered.

Our experienced process engineers systematically take all the inputs needed to design the CIP system. Once the skid is ready, its subjected to a rigorous Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) where you,the user is invited to Spaceage's facility to view how the CIP system functions and inspect critical mechanical, fabrication, and documentation aspects.

  • High efficiency design

    Designed for higher efficiency and intuitiveness.

  • Heating / Cooling options

    Options to heat and cool with efficient heat exchangers.

  • Fully custom designed

    Design with your specificatins and your requirements

  • Compact & mobile

    Very compact system integrated in an easy to move trolley.

  • Systematic design process

    Systematic design review process eliminates design deviations.

  • Critical Parameter monitoring

    Highly reliable instruments for all critical parameters monitoring.

  • Easy to use menu

    A well designed menu to initiate cleaning cycle in a single click

  • Reliable Instruments

    Reliable and accurate instruments from reputed manufacturers

Our Customers

We wouldn't be able to prove our capability if not for our valued customers opportunity. We are so thankful!