Purified Water Generation Systems
    that delivers compendial water as per USP, EP, MCA specifications
    have evolved as a result of a Strong R&D with knowledge gained from customer feedback over the years.
    That sports Accurate & Reliable instruments sourced from reputed manufacturers across the globe

The best and most complete Purified Water Solutions

With more than 25 years of water treatment experience, our complete process knowledge with our highly experienced team of design engineers and technicians, we offer the best and most complete Purified Water solutions custom designed to your needs.

RO-EDI System

RO-EDI system is the heart of the Purified Water System and hence we have put a lot of emphasis on its engineering, process control and ease of operation. Our choice of components leverages on our years of experience with primary selection criteria being reliability, consistency, ease of validation and quick service support. The output quality delivered by your system far exceeds the USP PFW limits of 1.3 µS/cm and is almost always below the design limits and rarely reaching the alert or alarm limits.

  • CFR 21 Part 11 & GAMP 5

    Systems with accuracy, reliability and consistency

  • Idle mode auto flush

    System flushes itself when idle for longer periods

  • Sanitary Construction

    All parts are SS316L with inner finish less than 0.3µ Ra

  • PLC / SCADA controls

    Easy and reliable controls with touch screen HMI

  • Autoflush at startup

    Flushes out stagnant water and reduced microbial load

  • Plug & Play design

    Pre-engineered, fabricated and quick start system

  • Quality Instrumentation

    Accurate, reliable & high quality instruments

  • Hot Water Sanitizable

    All contact parts are hot water sanitizable

Ultrafiltration System

Spaceage UF is designed to provide robust support to the downstream RO-EDI system by ensuring SDI <3 and TSS removal > 0.1µ . The Ultrafiltration System ensures consistent design flow by the RO-EDI system by taking care of all particulates, silt, colloid, bacteria and viruses. The system is designed to reduce water and energy usage, operate with minimal pre-treatment and automated to ensure consistent output quality and quantity.

  • Super strong protection

    Removes bacteria, pathogens, turbidity & more

  • Hollow Fiber membranes

    Robust, long lasting and back washable membranes

  • Fully automated operation

    System designed to run in full auto mode

  • PLC Control Panel

    Fully automated PLC control panel for easy operation

  • Automated backwash

    Triggered by timer or by differential Pressure

  • Compact Skid Mounted

    System designed for lowest floor space occupancy

  • Auto sanitization

    No need of manipulating valves and pressures

  • Service Support

    System backed up by Spaceage's service team

Pre-treatment System

Any Purified Water system is only as good and reliable as the pre-treatment system. We put a lot of emphasis in engineering the pre-treatment system. Almost all of the TSS, Colloidal impurities, bio-burden, organics, hardness etc. are taken care here while leaving only the residual in-organic, organic and microbial impurities to the downstream systems. Our Duplex Softeners assure low hardness coupled with continuous operation while our automated dosing system dynamically keep up with the water quality fluctuations.

  • Automated dosing system

    Dosing synchronized to the water quality

  • Continuous operation

    Duplex systems ensure continuous operation

  • Duplex Softener

    Consistent quality with continuous operation

  • High quality instruments

    Instruments sourced from top manufacturers

  • Process control

    Smart and reliable

  • Compact Installation

    Skid mounted, Space saving and compact installation

  • Safety Systems

    Alarms, trips and visual displays for high safety

  • Internal recirculation

    Auto recirculation mode for longer shutdowns

Our Customers

We wouldn't be able to prove our capability if not for our valued customers opportunity. We are so thankful!